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In 2013 during the war in Afghanistan, a Russian scientist develops a drug to create Super Soldiers. Fifty years on, the world as we know it has changed. Countries have been colonized by China, whose empire grows considerably every day with exception of the Alliance (England, France, Germany, and Russia), who are determined not to succumb to the Chinese regiment and create protectors using a modified version of the original drug. At the center of all is Zack Willis, a protector who appears to be normal at first, but he has a secret that not even he realizes. Damaged by an uncertain past, he and the others must now embark on the search for who he is, occasionally with terrible consequences. Can he find the truth before his past catches up to him?


It all started throughout my travels, meeting new people and hearing stories from around the world, It gave me the idea to put a twist on today's traditionally styled comics.